All physical therapy is not the same!

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“Several weeks ago my right shoulder underwent surgical repair for a badly torn rotator cuff and biceps tendon. Immediately following this surgery I began physical therapy treatment by Michael Kriz at Kriz Physical Therapy of Bonita Springs. I found Mike’s therapy and careful treatment of my injury to be both very professional and rewarding for my recovery. His knowledge of joint biomechanics, anatomy and therapeutic hands on manipulation of surgically inflamed tissue resulted in my continued improvement. Michael places a high priority on pain reduction and patient comfort. Although I continue to receive treatment in another state due to my change in residence, I have recommended his services to several people with the highest of praise.”
– Raymond Y., DVM of Brunswick, Maine and Bonita Springs


“I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and how happy I was to locate you for my physical therapy. I really appreciated your expertise and kindness. I always left your care feeling much better then when I arrived. The office was kind and professional. Even the other patients were always commenting how pleased they were with you. I certainly will recommend you.”
– June C. of Nahant, MA


“Since 1972, I have been in and out of physical therapy for treatment of a bad knee and back problems. Over 25 Physical Therapists have treated me but then I found Mike Kriz. Mike, in my personal opinion, is truly outstanding. For the first time I looked forward to going to therapy instead of dreading it.”
– Richard M. of Bonita Springs, FL


“Mike Kriz was my physical therapist as I recovered from broken wrists and rotator cuff surgery. I have been treated by a number of therapists for various sports injuries. None of them came close to equaling the professional care and concern that Mike provided. I urge those of you in need of physical therapy to make an appointment with Mike.”
– Robin M. of Bonita Springs, FL


“When I arrived on Mike’s doorstep I saw people approaching his office and I said, ‘Wow, they really need help and then I suddenly realized that I was one of those people.’ I had a hairline fracture in my sacrum which I got after training for and running the NY Marathon. I was in a lot of pain and had been told by my doctor that I should not do any exercise since the sacrum is connected with practically every part of your lower back and body. No walking, running or swimming. Needless to say, I was very depressed and fragile. Mike mobilized the muscles around the area and this helped immediately to reduce some of the pain. His hands are truly inspired skillful tools and medicinal as well. He gave me exercises to do at home as well as hope. After a few weeks, I was getting better and he cut back the sessions. He could have given me more as the prescription called for, but he is just so honest, he would never do that. Not only is he the most talented therapist I have ever met but one with the highest sense of dedication and integrity. His knowledge of the body is extraordinary as well. He knew the names of muscles and bones of which I had never heard. In 6 weeks I walked, WALKED normally out of his office and felt a tremendous gratitude welling inside me as realized I was no longer one of those delicate patients hobbling along. I stood tall the way he had taught me to hold my shoulders and body and thanked God that I had found him.”
– Susan D. McC. Resident of NY and SW FL


“I am an avid golfer who has suffered from back ailments for many years. My doctors recommend physical therapy but it just did not do the trick. Finally, after having to cancel out of a couple of nice Pro-Am opportunities a physician friend recommended Mike Kriz. I was impressed with the thoroughness of his examination and his explanation of the causes of my problems. After 4 sessions with Mike and doing the stretching he recommended my back feels better than it has in years.”
– Alan H. of Darien, CT


“Tiffany is a thorough, highly qualified Physical Therapist who has a friendly confident bedside manner. I received therapy for my leg and ankle after a break from a fall while hiking up a steep hill. Tiffany worked the area with skill applying manual therapy techniques to my ankle and leg and giving me exercises to strengthen my leg. Without her treatment I would not have recovered as well as I have, nor would I have been able to return to running.”
– June G. resident of New York and Bonita Springs


“Tiffany worked on my torn rotator cuff for approximately 6 weeks. I had very limited movement when we started and it was almost normal when we ended. I was able to avoid surgery. She was capable and caring. I actually enjoyed my therapy sessions. I would recommend her services to anyone I know. She was always prompt starting and ending her sessions which made planning easy. They were very accommodating in scheduling around my schedule.”
– Pat G. resident of McLean, VA and Bonita Springs


“I recently had rotator cuff surgery and went to Mike Kriz for physical therapy. I was very pleased with the treatment I received. Mike is friendly, caring, and thorough. He explains everything he does. He does manual therapy as opposed to just putting you on a machine. I have and will continue to recommend Kriz Physical Therapy. If I ever need therapy again, I would not hesitate to go back to Mike.”
– Marie M. resident of New Jersey and Bonita Springs