All physical therapy is not the same!

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Before you arrive for your initial visit, please complete our forms: download PDF. Please bring them with you to your first appointment. If you choose not to download the forms, please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment time to complete them. Get directions to our office: click here.


What to expect on your first day:

If you cannot download our forms please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment time. When you arrive you will be greeted by our office manager who will either collect your completed forms or present you with them to complete. You will also be asked for copies of your identification, insurance cards, physician referral and any x-rays or MRI’s or accompanying reports.

You will be most comfortable, and your therapist will most easily access your body area of concern, if you wear loose, comfortable clothing. Sweats, gym shorts, tank tops or baggy t-shirts are examples of items that may make it easier for your therapist to assess and treat. You may also be asked to don a gown if necessary.

The first appointment usually lasts an hour and often includes some treatment. The primary goal for this appointment is to obtain a thorough background of the condition for which you are seeking treatment. You will be asked what symptoms you are experiencing, what aggravates or eases the symptoms, how long you have had symptoms and whether your symptoms are worsening, easing or staying the same. Your therapist will evaluate your posture, assess range of motion of the affected joint(s) and joints that may be affected by or influence your primary symptoms. Tests of muscular strength, sensation, balance and vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, etc.) will be taken if necessary as well. You may also be given exercises or activity modifications to be performed at home. You will schedule follow up visits, if this has not already been done, as you leave the office.


Follow up appointments:

Appointments after the initial evaluation will last 40 minutes. We constantly re-evaluate findings from the initial evaluation and change treatment accordingly. Each treatment will be spent with your therapist performing manual therapy and movement re-education techniques and exercises as necessary.