All physical therapy is not the same!

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How is Kriz Physical Therapy different than everyone else?

  • Individual attention for every patient, in a comfortable, private setting.
  • Treatment sessions with a licensed physical therapist only, not a PT assistant or Technician.
  • We use Functional Manual Therapy™. A hands-on assessment and treatment technique that quickly returns you to your daily routine or sport. This approach restores efficient mobility of the joints and associated soft tissues using muscle energy techniques, joint and soft tissue mobilization, neuromuscular reeducation and core first strategies.
  • Convenient location – right next to Carrabba’s Restaurant in the Piazza Di Bonita across 41 from Bonita Bay.
  • Our highly skilled therapists, extensive one-on-one sessions, and manual approach to physical therapy get results... even where others have failed.

Kriz Physical Therapy was founded by Mike and Tiffany Kriz in September of 2008 to offer patients from Southwest Florida an option of excellence in the provision of physical therapy. Our vision was an office where the needs and goals of patients are placed above the concern for volume. We wanted Kriz Physical Therapy to provide consistently excellent treatment provided by highly skilled physical therapists only, not delegated to physical therapist assistants or technicians. When you enter our office you are greeted by, and spend all of your time with, your physical therapist. You are not led into a “gym” where you are left to do exercises that you can and should do at home. We believe your time is valuable and should be spent working with your therapist directly to efficiently reach your goals for treatment.